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Meet Corey

President, Garnet Bridge Consulting

Prior to founding Garnet Bridge Consulting, Corey Berkey spent more than a decade in leadership roles at companies ranging in size from small businesses to organizations with several thousand employees. Most recently, Corey led the People & Talent function for a global HR tech company. In his time there, the organization experienced several stages of successful, high-growth, resulting in meaningful merger and acquisition opportunities. 

The connection between a growing organization's People strategy and its business strategy is critical. They must be complimentary, built with one another in mind, and connected as deeply as possible. This is where Corey's approach has the biggest impact for organizations that are looking to grow, scale, and transform. 

Building strong Talent Acquisition practices are also key. Numbers and data can really help tell a story - but you have to know how to interpret and understand them to really make them actionable. This is fundamental to how Corey has built Talent Acquisition in award-winning organizations in the past.

Strong People leadership and fast-paced, efficient Talent Acquisition can change the landscape for your organization entirely. If you're looking to grow your business, transform your People & Talent function, and grow, get in touch!

Build Strong Relationships | Create Alignment | Drive Growth
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